Love Your Brother First

It is rare for me to disagree with a book’s contents before I even reach the introduction.  Several months ago I began reading a book called Irresistible written by Andy Stanley.  I won’t comment on the book as a whole (I haven’t finished it) or Andy as a pastor (because I don’t know him well […]

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Catching Completion

“Jonathan, that sounds trite.” I looked across the table with wet eyes at the man in front of me.  Coffee catalyzes many good conversations, but I was in the process of emotionally dumping and those words were the last I would have expected my friend to say.  I had just told my mentor I needed […]

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“So, have you found a girlfriend yet?”  The past two years, my younger brother has eagerly and expectantly asked me this question as I have returned home in-between my ventures in higher education.  The road taken by our conversation meanders in the same direction, varying only slightly in verbiage: “No, not yet.” “I want to […]

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Time with the Timeless

What does it look like to have a relationship with a spiritual God in a physical world?            I find myself drawn to high places.  A small walk outside the circular concrete of my Pennsylvanian neighborhood leads me past a cornfield to a quiet road and telephone poles on top of […]

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Language, Life, and Loves

I’m amazed at the response I’ve received from my first post.  To see the encouragement that it’s brought some of you and to hear some of your stories has been a very humbling experience.  I didn’t expect much from a WordPress site, but over three hundred of you have read my story so far.  I […]

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Finding Promise

God enjoys paradoxes.  I am linked to him inseparably and completely, living in a weak body and an evil world.  My story has at times (and is at times) suffocating, but the beauty at its end colors every part of it.  By eternity’s coming, these days will be all the more precious to me as […]

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